The Band


Meet “Danger” Dave Boyden, the Fastest Fiddle West of the Mississippi. A veteran of both jazz and the avant-garde music scene, Mr. Boyden is capable of grafting the madcap abandon of a John Cage song cycle into a cover of “Clint Eastwood” by Gorillaz. His influences include Stephane Grappelli, The Muppet Show, and surprisingly perilous traditional Norwegian dance forms. He truly brings the Danger to Danger von Davis.


Musician. Artist. Web designer. Polyglot. Ramen chef. It’s easier to list what Conrad “von” Seto isn’t, rather than the many things that he is. A native son of San Francisco, Conrad’s guitar talents have brought him to the music scene in a variety of genres, from mariachi to Manouche jazz. His steady hand and constant temperament are reminiscent of the nobility of old, like the legendary hero Guan Yu. For this reason, he is the von of Danger von Davis.


In the north, he is known as El Chino del Norte. In the east, the Brown Recluse. But no matter what the name, whether in defeat or triumph, he is simply Mark Davis. A pianist by trade, but a multi-instrumentalist by happenstance, Mr. Davis is on a constant quest to push the button accordion into hazardous new territories. Björk covers melt into Balkan jams, and everything in between. Will he succeed? Come see Danger von Davis live to find out.